Thursday, March 24, 2011

Websters Pages Tag Swap!!!

Hey ladies... so the shipping deadline is coming up. I have received Jeana's and Rose's and they are GORGEOUS. just wanted to send a little reminder that they need to be shipped to me by march 28th!! thanks ladies it was so much fun to create the tags and I cant wait to see everyone elses tags. also if you need my address please email me!!! if I do not hear from you or receive your tags by april 1st i will assume you decided not to participate. anyways thanks again ladies! :)


Taffy said...

Ohhhh man! How did i miss swap?!?!? LOL haha I can't wait to see how everyone's tags turned out.


Dawn-Marie said...

Mine went out today! (Thursday)

Venita said...

Mine's being sent out on Monday, Tiffany! :)


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