Sunday, June 10, 2012

Abby turns 1!!!!

What an amazing year. Time does fly so fast. But I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with my kids. My kids bring me such joy. Obviously there are those days but when they smile my heart melts. 

I can honestly say I thought I would never have another child after having 2 miscarriages. I got pregnant for the 3rd time and I was so worried. I cried almost every day. When I actually made it to my first appointment I couldn't have been happier. As time went by the fear of losing her went away but the fear of all the things that went wrong with my sons pregnancy started to arise. Our ultrasound. It was so nerve racking. Not only was I going to find out what the sex of the baby was but I was so afraid that they would find something wrong like they did with my son. Although after a LONG grueling pregnancy with my son (I'm not going to go into details) all the accusations were wrong. He did have other health issues but not the things they said he would. anyways when she told me that everything looked great I felt such relief. I didn't find out what she was that day she was too shy..... she kept crossing her legs. hehe!! After a great 9 months and 1 week she finally came. omg my heart! If you have kids I'm sure you know what I'm talking about when I say that I never thought I could love another child so much.

She was born with hip dysplasia which my son had also. She still has to wear a harness at night but she is walking all over the place. She was also born with a milk protein allergy. That was so hard to see your precious baby go through so much. But I am so thankful that there was formula for her to drink. She can now tolerate soy which is great. Trying to find foods without dairy, milk, and soy is almost impossible LOL!

I didn't want this blog post to be so long but I just feel so blessed to have such an amazing family. My husband is the greatest father. It warms my heart knowing that my kids will always have him. My dad wasn't around so Abby's and my hubbys relationship is so dear to my heart. 

I can say that we made it through the first year. Phew!!! Now to get through the next few years. She is so strong willed and feisty! So opposite from my son. He is so relaxed and go with the flow. Although he is 2million% boy he would never hurt a fly. Abby is always hitting an biting.... uuggg. haha! 

Here are some picture from throughout the year. 

Hope you enjoy them. 

Newborn pictures (she was almost a month old actually)

She is such a chunky beauty. 

Daddy's little girl

They have so much fun in the little pool hehee!!



Nancy said...

LOL...LOVE the photos, Tiffany! Surprisingly they don't even make me hungry! haha
You've written such a beautiful and heartwarming post, Sweetie! I don't have to tell you how quickly time passes because you've already seen that! I don't even have to remind you to treasure every moment because you already do that! I don't have to tell you that God is good because you already know that! I also don't have to tell you to keep looking to Him for guidance and strength because I know you will do that! I pray for His continual JOYFUL BLESSINGS on you and your beautiful family!...Nancy :o)

Rea' said...

Happy Birthday To your little Miss Abby ! What a heart warming post (having been through three miscarriages many years ago, I totally understood your concerns, I never had the joy of carrying a child full term, the closes I came was 8 months, we did finally adopt)I love how you appreciate your "gifts" that God has given you and you've "blessed" someone else by telling your story ... "Happy Birthday" to you too !

Unknown said...

Oh look at how pretty she is. I loved your post and you are so blessed to be able to stsy home with your babies. Enjoy these days cause you will blink and she will be graduating from high school.

PEA said...

Tiffany, I can totally relate to almost all of this post. The losses, the fears the whole nine yards. Very similar with me and my three. Thank God all is well and I have three great kids. You have 2 amazing children because you put family first. No worries my pretty duck, just keep swimming and all will be fine.
happy first to the little doll! She really is a beauty Tiff, just like you


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