Friday, January 20, 2017

How to start a youtube channel. Cameras, Software and more.

Hello everyone! 
I have a different kind of blog post for you today. 

I am going to be talking about Youtube. I get a lot of questions from people that want to start a youtube channel. What camera do I use? What software do I use? 
I first want to say that I do not have a million subscribers or even 20K subscribers so I was hesitant to even make these videos. But I decided I would share my experience and what I do and use and I hope someone finds it helpful 

You can watch my first video here 
I talk about the best advice I can give someone that wants to start making videos, 

My second video talks about what I use to create my videos. 
You can watch the video here

Really you dont need much. Just something to record your videos and some sort of editing software. 
I use Windows movie maker which is free. 

Here is a list of equipment I use and other equipment that might be helpful  

Manfrotto Tripod - Find it here
The tripod "arm" that I showed in my video came from this. 

Suggested equipment. 
Please know that I have not tried these products out and try to go with something that will work for you. 
Cheaper tripod option (be sure your camera is not too heavy for this tripod
Pro Series Tripod 

Day light light bulbs 

Other camera to consider
Canon Vixia HF-R52
Canon G7X MII

In my next video for "how to start a youtube channel" I will be sharing tips on what to do once your first video is uploaded. 
I hope you enjoy these videos. 
If you find them helpful please share.
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