Monday, January 11, 2010

Virtual crop layouts....and a big thank you to kathryn!

I want to start off saying THANK YOU KATHRYN!!! You have created my online sanctuary. You do so much....and go above and beyond to make sure that our requests are met. even of it is answering the same question a gazzillion times! Thank you!! It is so nice to be able to chat about techniques,products, and freezing lizards. I dont think I could ever express how much I love the beach community. Even if i did a million layouts. I know people always say "I have no friends" But i seriously have none..... mostly by choice. I think the last adult friend that came over was almost a year ago and she moved. so when I say that my friends are at the beach i mean it!! I know it probably sounds like im such a loser but I like it this way. Well before the beach community I was a little depressed because I had no social life and absolutely no adult conversations. i know I have jose.....but a girl needs some girl talk. I can not believe the fabulous ladies i have made friends with! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Everytime i go to the beach, I am always inspired by someones projects. It keeps my mojo going. I have learned so much from everyone at the beach. I am also super excited to host a So Cal Beach Crop in march!! So exciting!!! Ok i think im done babbling!!! I hope you enjoy my layouts from this months virtual crop!

I {HEART} The Beach Challenge!
This challenge is to make a layout abut how much you love The Beach and why. And I don't mean that place where you get sand in your shorts ~ I mean this web community. So tell me, why do YOU love The Beach?
For this challenge I had something in mind but when I saw these papers My thought changed. It korny but i thought "the beach is so cool its out of this world"!!

January 2010 Crop Resolution #1:
The first challenge is to make a layout without using any black, white or grey.
For this challenge I created a page of Jose's godson on his 4th birthday. Which was a few years ago.

January 2010 Crop Resolution #2: Quit DrINKing
The second challenge is to make a layout without using any ink
This page I used a photo from our family photos we took back in sept. I love this picture.

January 2010 Crop Resolution #3: Spend More Time with Family
The third challenge is to make a layout about your family.
For this challenge I used another photo from our family photos.

January 2010 Crop Resolution #4: Work Harder
The fourth challenge is to create a layout using a technique you normally avoid because you find it difficult or too much work.
For this challenge i used a super cute picture of mateo..... what I did that i tend to advoid is embossing on my layouts.

January 2010 Crop Resolution #5: Fit into My High School Jeans
The fifth challenge is to make a layout about high school {or college or grade school, if you prefer}.
I used the only picture i could find. I thought it captured my personality (back in highschool) very well. I was such a girly girl. I always had my hair done makeup on....but i still was able to get dirty with the boys. This picture brought back so many good memories! I loved highschool days.

January 2010 Crop Resolution #6: Invest Wisely
The sixth challenge is to make a layout using a tool you just "had to have" but don't ever {or rarely} use nowadays.
I had to have a sewing machine to sew on my cards and projects. i never use it!!


Pigott Clan said...

I love them all... the one or family is my favorite!!! man I gotta send you all the pics of us from high school!!!

Pigott Clan said...

*of family (hee hee typo!!)


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